Kindiejoes Preschool

Kindiejoes offers nursery and preschool education to children aged 2½ years to 4 years 11 months. Opening hours are 8.40am – 3.10pm Monday to Friday during term time. 

We are registered to offer the 15 hours per week extended funded childcare, term time (30 hours). You can find more information about funding and fees on our Admissions page.

We invite you to Contact Us to find out more about our lovely setting. 

Our Day

Our session begins with registration and circle time, the children are then encouraged to choose an activity of their own interest, which could be inside or even outside.  

game time
log balancing
tuff tray mud
running outside
number 6

Some activities are planned, and based on interests that individual children have shown, other activities are led by an adult to develop specific areas of learning. The rooms are organised so that the children have easy and independent access to equipment that will interest them and develop their learning.

stickle brick city
creative process
hiding under the table

All children are given a snack each day.  A practitioner will start to prepare and invite children to enjoy a snack of fruit and a drink of milk or water during the session.  They are supported to pour their own drinks and sometimes to cut their own fruit. Water is available throughout the session.

fruit bowl
more circle time

The session ends with children returning to their registration groups for songs, stories and rhymes.


We share our weekly fun and plan for the week ahead with parents via our Newsletter which is sent out at the end of the week via the Famly Newsfeed. You can see a sample newsletter by clicking on the Newsletter button.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

EYFS logo

The Early Years Foundation Stage provides us with a statutory framework that guides us on the level of care and education we provide.  We have to meet all the welfare requirements and have had to prove this to Ofsted prior to being registered.

The Framework has four principles that support us in getting to know and understand your child.  It supports us in being able to plan and deliver activities that will develop skills and interests dependent on their age and stage of development.  At the heart of the EYFS is the belief that all children are individuals and all children are learners from birth.  It also promotes your position as parents as being the foremost educators in your child’s life.  We aim to actively seek your partnership in the care and education of your child.