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Nurturing Your Child Through Play

holding hands
balancing on the plank
nursery rhyme time

At Kindiejoes  preschool and  nursery we want our children to experience a stimulating, playful and challenging environment. One in which they will make their own choices and know what it is like to be out of their comfort zone and to gradually engage in new experiences but with caring and understanding staff to guide and support them.

We want the children to take some risks in their play knowing this allows them to take responsibility for their actions and own their own thoughts and opinions. Making choices, owning their thoughts builds independence and each child will start to understand and accept their individuality. We are proud that our caring and inspiring staff team see the uniqueness each child brings to Kindiejoes and plan activities to build on their gifts to make our environment inclusive to all.

Parents are their child’s first and forever educator.  In the preschool and nursery we provide a quality learning environment, by building and maintaining a trusting relationship with parents. Together we start to build a future for their child to learn, laugh, (sometimes cry), love and play.

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